About Us

MABA İnşaat had been established in 1994 as a limited company and became a Corporation on September 2012. Ever since it’s foundation, MABA has succeeded in many qualified projects within a short period of time, being involved in all aspects from production to execution.    

Maba has undertaken national and international infrasturucture projects as well as projects that require special construction methods such as waste water treatment plants and olympic swimming pools.

MABA has gained recognition by completing turn-key projects such as S.S. Batı Akdeniz Sahil Sitesi Yapı Cooperative housing (156 villas), subcontractor works for Philip Morris Krasnodar Tobacco Factory, Vosdet-Voskresensk Detergent Factory near Moscow, many other factory site and administrative office projects in short period of time including the successful restoration and renovation of variety of residential buildings in 1995 at Moscow.             

MABA has also accomplished high/low tension current electrical works for 6000 m2 bank and business district owned by Russky Kapital which is an investment and finance company founded by English-Russian association.

In addition to these projects, Istanbul USA consulate architectural/mechanical/electrical works, Ankara BMW Showroom and Service decoration works, a school/dormitory/gym complex in Moscow were all succesfully completed by MABA.

MABA İnşaat has the understanding of prioritizing the quality of the work that were proficiently done in management and implementation of numerous high-tension, low-tension and construction projects.